Special Operations

Did you know that Arvada Fire does a lot more than just fighting fires? We remain on the cutting edge of service delivery and provide a wide range of emergency response programs, including emergency medical care, hazardous materials, technical rescue, and water and ice rescue, wildland firefighting, and more.

  1. Hazardous Materials
  2. Ice & Water Rescue
  3. Technical Rescue
  4. Wildland Fire

Arvada Fire firefighters stand in front of Hazmat 54.Arvada Fire has normal hazardous materials risks associated with urban and suburban living. In addition, there are two interstate highways, one primary railroad line and one spur line, four state highways, and a few occupancies that have large amounts of known or small amounts of unknown hazardous substances.

Arvada Fire has participating agency agreements with the North Area Technical Rescue Team, the Adams/JeffCo HazMat Team, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Urban Search, and Rescue Colorado Task Force One to provide massive support for rescue and hazardous materials incidents.

ServiceGeneral Resource/Asset CapabilityBasic Staffing Capability Per Shift
Hazardous Materials Response
  • 1 Hazardous Response Vehicle (a cross-staffed company with Truck 54)
  • 5 ALS Ambulances (Medic 57 cross-staffed with Engine 57 crews)
  • Vehicles equipped with Personal Protective Equipment, gas and radiation monitoring equipment, containment supplies, and non-sparking tools
  • 6 Hazardous Response Vehicles available via Mutual Aid
  • 7 Station Officers
  • 7 Engineers
  • 21 Firefighters
  • 1 Battalion Chief
  • 1 Safety Officer
  • 1 HazMat Tech Officer
  • 1 HazMat Tech Firefighter
  • 200 Hazmat Technicians available via Mutual Aid