Support Services

Planning & Support Services Division

Have you ever wondered what it takes behind the scenes to keep a fire district operational? The Planning and Support Services Division provides critical support to the organization. The division is headed up by a division chief who oversees the Information Technology, Maintenance, and Planning sections of the fire district. A talented group of people work hard in these sections to keep tools and resources running smoothly.

The division supports a variety of systems and services to help the district fulfill its mission. Personnel maintains a continuous improvement focus. The division leads efforts related to performance measurement: such as the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) through CPSE (Center for Public Safety Excellence) and the Insurance Services Office (ISO). The fire district is accredited and has an ISO Class 1 rating.

Information Technology

An Information Technology (IT) Systems Administrator and two IT Technician Analysts maintain and ensure operation of more than 350 computers, manage data processing and storage, district networks, district cell and desk phones, and cyber security. They also manage the programming and repair of 150 radios located on fire apparatus, ambulances, and in fire stations. IT personnel ensure communication connections within the district as well as with key partners. IT personnel provide upkeep and troubleshooting of technology on the fire apparatus and ambulances. They strive to use the latest technology to better serve external and internal customers.


Fleet Services is a full-service maintenance and repair facility. Three Emergency Vehicle Technician certified mechanics are responsible for ensuring safe, reliable fleet vehicles and equipment, fuel to power those units, and related maintenance, repair, and support services are available, accessible, and efficient. They maintain a fleet of 75 pieces of equipment. They operate out of an 8,000-square-foot building consisting of 6 bays for the fleet vehicles, two office areas, a parts rooms to keep critical parts on-hand, and a kitchen.

The Maintenance Supervisor (who also performs building maintenance), a second Building Maintenance Technician, and the Administrative Assistant also share space in the maintenance shop. Building maintenance personnel are responsible for the upkeep of 15 buildings in the fire district.

Planning Section

The planning section facilitates business improvement strategies and continuous improvement projects with all sections and divisions throughout the fire district. Some strategies include process and policy documentation, process modifications or creation of new ones, and review and implementation of improved workflows.

The designated Accreditation Manager oversees fire department accreditation through annual compliance reports (ACR), renewal of accreditation every five years, and leading the district's accreditation team. Planning personnel facilitate updates to key district documents such as the Strategic Plan, Community Risk Assessment: Standard of Cover, and the accreditation Self-Assessment manual.

A critical component of continuous improvement is performance measurement and being a data-driven organization. A full-time Business Intelligence Analyst enables the district to drill into data and make data-driven decisions. The analyst provides data analytics for accreditation requirements; as well as, meeting specific needs for all sections and divisions to meet the district's mission.