Event Request

Schedule a fire station tour, classroom visit, or request our virtual attendance at a community event using our Station Tour or Event Request Form.

Please let us know about your event at least two weeks in advance.

We will do our best to accommodate the event on the day and time requested, however, please understand that station schedules also have to accommodate station duties, training, equipment maintenance, and emergency response. We ask that you keep this in mind when requesting an event and have other dates in mind in case your first date of choice is not available.

Most of our visits or tours include a safety message, a demonstration of the gear that we wear, a tour of the fire truck, and if applicable, a tour of the fire station. This will take about one hour.

Please remember, we are emergency response personnel and emergency response is our first priority. This means that we may be late, may have to leave early, or may not be able to show up at all due to the need to respond to an emergency. Contact us if you need to reschedule because of one of these issues.

Note: We do not host birthday parties at the stations but are happy to make an appearance at a birthday party at an off-site location that is within our District boundaries. Birthday groups are also welcome to schedule a tour of a fire station on that special day, however, please do not bring gifts, food, or drink into the fire station during your scheduled tour. If the fire crew had to leave for emergency response, we would not want for you to be left outside the station without these items if your party had to be moved elsewhere.