Business Safety

Employees should plan and practice multiple escape routes from their office at work.

Fires in workplaces and businesses can be devastating to our communities. Not only do they risk life and property, but they could result in lost jobs, income, and important community services. There were 16,500 office and store fires in the United States in 2020 that caused $932 million in direct property damage.

Although modern design and fire codes can protect many stores from large fires, there are still important fire safety practices that employers and employees should follow to prevent fires and keep their colleagues safe. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources available to get started and Arvada Fire is here to help! 

Workplaces can invite Arvada Fire to observe your fire drill. Our crews can familiarize themselves with your evacuation plans and provide feedback about your drill. 

Employers should:

  • Make sure smoke alarms and fire sprinklers are properly installed and working
  • Post clear fire escape plans on every level of a building
  • Teach employees about exit locations, escape routes, and fire protection equipment
  • Conduct regular emergency drills

Employees should:

  • Keep anything that can burn away from electrical equipment and never leave portable heating devices unattended
  • Keep workplaces clean, dry, and well ventilated
  • Plan and practice multiple escape routes and keep obstacles away from exits.
  • Practice the same fire prevention strategies at work that they use at home, such as not leaving cooking food unattended on a stovetop.

Workplace Resources

With any other concerns, please let us know how we can help your business or workplace stay safe.