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What Makes a Successful Fire Drill?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to identify if the fire drill was right on target or missed the mark:


Was the actual alarm activated? Were there adequate egress lights? Was the alarm audible throughout the building?


Did people use the nearest fire escape routes as opposed to the frequently used ones? (You can block some exits with some fake smoke or fire signs indicating that they have to find their next nearest exit.) Were fire escape routes blocked or was it difficult to open doors? Were doors closed behind people as they left to prevent the spread of fire and smoke? Were elevators used?


Did everyone go to the meeting place? Was it a safe distance from the building? How did the roll call go? How quickly was it established that everyone was accounted for? Were electronic devices used to assist with communication? Were individuals with special needs accommodated?


Did everyone evacuate swiftly and safely? Did they carry out personal items with them?

Please let us know what we can do to help support your fire drill! To invite us to come to fill out our event request form.