How do I sign up for emergency alerts through Lookout Alert?

LookoutAlert is the official emergency notification system of the regional collaborative of Jefferson County and all cities within it, such as the Cities of Arvada and Wheat Ridge, in addition to the City and County of Broomfield and the City of Westminster. Through LookoutAlert, emergency responders are able to provide emergency and public safety messages to residents.

Option #1 - Create a profile through the website opt-in page

Sign up for the alerts you want to receive through the LookoutAlert website.

Option #2 - Download the Smart911 app & Opt-In

Receive targeted community and weather alerts. Download the Smart911 app for free and opt-in to plan ahead for any emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart911

Option #3 - Send a text message to opt-in

This is the quickest way to sign up. Text LookoutAlert to 67283 to get the link to register.

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