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Station 5

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Station 5 was built in 1973 and a renovation was completed in 2012. The renovation added a weight room and four bedrooms that allowed for needed additional sleeping quarters for personnel. As a result, the station has a brand-new kitchen, two offices (one for firefighters and one for officers), a remodeled living space, a storage room, three bathrooms, and three additional bedrooms on the south side of the building. The station's primary response area covers the northeast section of the District but with the current addition of automatic vehicle locators (AVL), the District can determine where the closest emergency apparatus is to the call and send the closest unit to reduce response times.

Station 5 houses three apparatus: a 2011 Pierce Engine (Engine 55) that holds 750 gallons of water, a small complement of ladders, hand tools, and ice rescue equipment. A 1998 Dodge Ram 3500 (Rescue 55) is used for the station's TRT specialty, which includes building collapse, high angle rescue, trench rescue, and confined space rescue. Also, a 2017 F- 450 medic unit (Medic 55) with advanced life support supplies for medical and trauma emergencies.

The station houses a total of 18 career firefighters over three different shifts. Engine 55 is staffed with three full-time Firefighter/EMT's and one Firefighter/Paramedic, and Medic 55 is staffed with one Firefighter/Paramedic and one Firefighter/EMT, making them both advanced life support units.

Engine 55 and Medic 55 respond on EMS, fire, hazmat, and rescue calls. If the need for a technical rescue arises, crews will move from Engine 55 to Rescue 55 and both units will respond to the technical rescue both in District and for mutual aid for neighboring departments. All personnel train extensively to remain proficient in each of their disciplines.

Station 5 is also affiliated with the North Area Technical Rescue Team. This team was formed by more than a dozen metro area fire departments to share resources and manpower to effectively mitigate technical rescue incidents. This eliminates the need for participating fire departments to purchase duplicate specialized equipment. Our affiliation allows us the ability to call neighboring agencies for manpower and equipment at no cost to the taxpayers. Some of the departments that assist in training and incident support are: Westminster Fire, North Metro Fire, Adams County Fire, and Thornton Fire.

Station 5 is very busy with other responsibilities that help serve our citizens and the department. Each shift has at least one certified car seat technician (certified through SafeKids Worldwide CPS, Child Passenger Safety) and can assist with the installation of child car seats. Many of the station's firefighters also participate in other specialties like wildland firefighting and water rescue operations. Station 5 members maintain a high level of dedication to the department and the community, if you see us out please feel free to say hello.